Welcome to Autisticat!

All Artwork is Copyright Chris Starfire 1999-2023, All Rights Reserved

Due to IP infringement on some of my artwork and on the advice of my previous Art Agent & Curator Mr. Dale Who, all images are now watermarked.

Hullo! I'm Autisticat, Catastrfy, Starfire, ~cats, Chris, and more. I love cats (this is shocking. yes, I know!),
creating digital art, rainbows, heartwings, twirling, gardening, Good Omens, Autistic activism, and spreading laughter and joy.

You can also find me at the Autisticat page on facebook!

About Autisticat

In 2016 I started making Autisticat designs for April's Autistic Acceptance month, including
"Autisticat says go #REDinstead", "Autisticat kills puzzle pieces", "Autisticat is judging you", and more.
You can see some of my Autisticat designs here.

You can find products made from my designs at these spots online:
Starfire Studio at amazon
Starfire Studio Redbubble.
I think I have up a couple at teepublic and zazzle, too; search for "Autisticat".

If you see a design on one site and would prefer it on another, please let me know!

If you see my designs elsewhere and aren't sure they're mine or
a pirated copy, please send me a message! Most of my sites are under Starfire Studio.

You can always reach me at Autisticat on Facebook

About the name "Autisticat"

I've had cat names for going on 50 years now, and when I thought of "Autisticat" in 2016, I thought it was unique.
But I realised very quickly that it's one of those words/names that appeal to a whole lot of autistic folx!
I consider it a very well-established generic term that doesn't (and shouldn't) "belong" to any one person.
So while I'm Autisticat, so are other people. Just like I'm Chris and so are other people.

But my artwork is mine and is copyrighted to me.

Copyright issues


I've had some problems with people taking my Autisticat and other designs and claiming them as their own.

1) Unknown people have uploaded my Autisticat designs to tee shirt sites to sell as their own. This is not okay!
When you upload to these sites, you have to confirm you have rights -- and they don't.

2) Circa 2015, someone took my 1999 Heartcat* from catsnco.com, made a vector,
and claimed they had the copyright so that they could upload it to clipart sites as public domain.
When I found this out in Jan 2018, I contacted the sites and they removed it.

(Heartcat was based on my beloved Seelie cat, who had a long slinky tail with a kink at the tip, and it really almost formed a heart
if i held it in place. Seelie died unexpectedly of congestive heart failure in January 2013.)

Unfortunately during that 2-3 year period many people had downloaded up, and they are still trying
to sell it as their own via amazon and other Print on Demand sites.

3) In 2017 another Autistic person found the stolen Heartcat on one of those clipart sites, downloaded it,
added an ND ribbon, claimed they drew the entire piece themselves, and posted it widely as
"a gift to the Autistic community" and public domain.

When I contacted them they first accused me of false accusations, insisted they drew it themselves
and had never seen the pirated Heartcat, and threatened me. When I provided proof in the form of
my original sketch, date stamp of the original upload, screencaps of the clipart sites, etc., they backed
down, but instead of apologising they made fun of me.

They have never apologised, nor would they remove the stolen Heartcat from tumblr. After I waited a
couple months I contacted tumblr, who took it down.

Because of these experiences I do check for copies every so often. It is not okay to steal artwork. Please don't do it!

Can I Make My Own Autisticat?

YES! Please do make your own original Autisticats and let's cover the world with Autisticat love!

And since someone asked me recently: yes, it's fine to use a cat tail formed into a heart!

What I do ask is that you do your own take on it. That means that you create your own cat, not one that looks like you copied one of my autisticats.

All original content, art, and photographs on this website are copyright C. Starfire 1999-2023