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Due to IP infringement on some of my artwork and on the advice of my previous Art Agent & Curator Mr. Dale Who, all images are now watermarked.

Here are some of the Autisticat designs I've made:

Autisticat supports Neurodiversity, featuring an updated version of my 1999 Heartcat:

2016 Red Autisticat updated with a Heartcat tail:

A redrawn and rounder version of the 2016 Autisticat with Hearttail in white (Feb 2018):

and in black (Jan 2018)

2016 Autism Acceptance Autisticats:

You might recognise this first iteration of Autisticat for Valentines 2016 as one of the "Cats Against" button kitties:

Valentine's Day 2016

But I wanted a new version for April, and #RedInstead Autisticat was born:

and was filled with stars:

Halloween 2016
And then I brought back my little fat black cat for Halloween:

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